I have all the wonders of a new world. (About Me)

What I want to do:

I want to create a different sort of outlet.  For years, I’ve been doing personal to very personal blogs where I rant and fume about my problems. It has worked well towards my writings but not much else. I want to create a blog where I bring the outside world in and write about it. Instead of writing from the inside and letting it go outside of myself.

What I will probably do:

I will probably more or less stay on track of my writings and keep up with the writings about the outside world with a dash of personal input put in inadvertently.

What I will write about:

My world is new to me again. Moving to a vastly different place from your own puts you in a new frame of mind.  I want and need desperately that new frame of mind.  So welcome to my world and my new frame of mind.






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