At home, review of a recipe. The Home Baked Mac’n’Cheese.

So like the rest of the world, I too have taken to pinterest (

And like many of the ladies I’ve known, I’ve become infatuated with all things home, but more importantly, the food. Who knew food could be so tasty, so cute, and made at home. So I’m giving it my go at it and cooking the recipes I have, and reviewing them. 

The first recipe is a baked macaroni and cheese, from 

Recipe here:

I tried it because of many reasons but mostly because of one, I have two boxes of Mac sitting in my pantry because I’m crazy and like sales. So this means I’ll be eating a kraft dinner once a week at least till it’s gone because I’m cheap like that. 

This recipe wasn’t that much difference than the box,  or the way I make kraft dinner. I make kraft dinner the way it is on the box, the only differences are that when I’m boiling the pasta, I put a little bit of butter to melt in the water with parsley flakes. Then when I add the milk, or in this case the sour cream and the cheese packet, I add mostly italian spices with a little bit of chicken bouillon.  It makes all the difference. 

Did the sour cream instead of the milk make much of a change. Not much, only what I’ve noticed is that the sour cream doesn’t leave any ‘soup.’ Now being baked does make a bit of a difference but not by much, I’ve noticed the slightly crispier and texture taste but I must point out that I used italian breadcrumbs instead of crush crackers. Next time I’ll used crackers but I’m not sure that it would be a drastic change either. 

FInal say: Only do this recipe if you’re desperate to fool your mind your eating something other than kraft dinner, otherwise don’t bother. Oh and use italian spices for a saucy little taste!


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