Who asked you? by Terry McMillan.

Who Asked You?Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Terry McMillan does it again. Some people will think that her books are formulaic in terms of plot and nearly characters. But what most people don’t realized is that sometimes the best books are the ones you can come back to over and over again and relive them through new characters/situations. Every book McMillan writes has a heart and that heart teaches many lessons.

Some of her books can hit closer to home than others, and Who Asked You? Is not an exception. Some people will call this book heart warming, realistic, but in the end, it’s not what the book is, it is what was taken from it as a reader.

I read and review this book as part of ARC giveaway, and I would have reviewed the same even if it had not been an ARC. McMillan is truly one of the few authors I enjoy without qualm or question.

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