Mocha Cookie Crumble delicious

I’m not much of a starbucks go-er. A bit too much for my pocketbook which is my way of saying it’s overprice, especially when I’m buying for two people or more. I’m also not much of a coffee person. If I do drink coffee, I tend to make it taste more like a confectionery than coffee.  

But lately, one of their drinks makes it worth it. The Mocha Cookie Crumble. This is coffee? This is delicious!  Unfortunately I drank it too fast before I took a pic. If you aren’t a fan of the taste coffee that much but love chocolate and need a pick me up, definitely try this. It’s chocolate coffee upon chocolate whip cream with a mixture of oreo crumbles in it. Ridiculous delicious.

I will also be posting about this in the future when I try to make it at home and find a good recipe.  


One response to “Mocha Cookie Crumble delicious

  1. Ohhhh! That sounds amazing.

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