I join the horde. A word about hive minds and ipsy.

Beauty boxes. 

Ipsy, Julep, Beauty Army, Birchbox, and many more are emerging, each trying to get into the cash cow that has quickly become a trend. 

I’ve always been late on the trends. Just not aware of who that celebrity is or what does that gadget do. I wasn’t aware of what a beauty box was until quite a few of my friends already had theirs. Feeling left out is always a bummer but I just overlook it like other things.

After moving to Canada, I suddenly had a LOT more time on my hands and one of the things I wanted to work on to improve myself involve makeup and being more fashionable. I feel like half a frump half the time when it comes to my clothes and my makeup, sometimes I’m all for it, and other times I’m like ehh whatever. Do without. 

But I’ve been steadily lurking in r/makeupaddiction on reddit and then crossover to beaut box… and then I wanted one. I wanted everything. 

Is this just a case of material lust? 

Is this a case of feeling left out? 

A last ditch attempt to make my youth last. Although I’m not sure how much younger looking I can get with these braces. 

Either way, Ipsy, I choose you! 

If anyone should want a referral code, here’s mine. It would cheer me up on this less than glamorous day. 


Or is this just curiosity. I’m currently on the waiting list. 




2 responses to “I join the horde. A word about hive minds and ipsy.

  1. Must Have Boxes

    I love subscription boxes too!

    – KW

    • starquietannie

      I hope to love mine as well!

      You subscribe to so many boxes! That’s awesome! Have you heard of Haute look? It’s a seasonal bag from nordstrom I believe. I just heard about it but it looks great! Let me know what you think!

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