No Panda Express? Wong Wing it!!!

No Panda Express in Canada.

I miss my fix, and so does my SO. We crave the Americanized-Chinese food and tried a variety of restaurants

which were not exactly what I had in mind. I wanted the thick chow mein noodles and the orange chicken. Not bean sprouts used as chow mein and some chicken with watery orange looking tasteless sauce next to it.

So I got desperate for my panda express and turn to the unlikely substitution where I could find it:

At the Frozen Food section. Inside of Target and Walmart. Target has a better selection. So after choosing the $5 boxes of chow mein, sweet n sour pork, general tsao chicken. I came home to try it and loved it. My wanna-be Panda Express work out much to my amusement, bafflement, and taste bud delight.

Frozen food? Me? Really? A shocker.

But this was a call for desperation. I needed Panda. I needed Americanized-Chinese Fast Food. I needed and I got something that satisfied the need, but not the want.

Make sure you boil and bake it, don’t be lazy and microwave it. Keep an eye on it, you’re going to want it serve this way.

Check out Wong Wing in the frozen food section in your Canadian province, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a taste of food that dreams of being Panda Express. And if you’re in the states, go get Panda and overnight me some!

Wong Wing


Mandatory pic of Wong Wing in a baking pan. Hope I made you hungry!


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