Bento Sushi! For lunch!

I had the spicy combo and the fuji combo.I did find the spicy combo spicy which is always a good sign because I hate it when I order Buffalo chicken and I end up with…just chicken. That’s always a disappointment but the bento sushi was not. I tried it for lunch today, and had it the other day for the first time after I wander curiously over to it. Although at this time, the store was almost closed so there wasn’t much left. But today, the sushi booth was packed full of a variety and the people working it were nice. 

The quality of the sushi has been great each time. I look up the company here

and was pleasantly surprise to know there are a few in Guelph, so I won’t have to come to Fergus for a sushi lunch when I don’t wan to step inside a restaurant. What mind boggles me is that bento sushi manages to have better quality sushi than some of these Sushi AYCE places around town. I’m just constantly in awe of how places make business when their food is only a midge above passable. Do people not realized what good food is? Or how the sushi they’re selling is mostly rice?

Hi. I have taste buds and I like to taste my food. I hope to one day try my craft and making sushi. 

Check out Bento sushi! It was 20 for all of this!  



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