So the countdown has gone off and I haven’t move.

Problems with the certification of the building has prevented it from tenants to move in. The certification issue can be traced back to the elevator union throwing a strike and the workers being on the strike till July 10th. It’s now July 18th and the only news is that the builder is trying to get the company to come in and certified the damn elevator. UGH. it’s just been a frustrating time because it feels like my whole life has been put on hold. I have ideas and cooking and baking and projects I want to do, volunteering in Guelph, working on myself, get back to writing, improving my life, and it’s all on hold because I am stuck in Fergus, with my in-laws, in a place I cannot expand my horizons due to the small space I have of a one bedroom/office combo. I’m going to try to do my best and just work on myself, despite my limitations of not having my own space or desk. I cannot put my life on hold or let another day go pass where I feel like I have done nothing but sleep the day away.


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