Selfishly indulging only me

I am more than just a woman who has a husband.

Please. Just because he goes away for a few days does not mean I’m a defenseless damsel. I’ve been single longer than I’ve been married and do not need a case of the poor little me’s, she’s all alone, he left, she must be lonely pity looks I am getting. 

Please you’re just insulting yourself by showing how little you know about me. 

I just have to roll my eyes at the typical mentality, and give an exasperating look. 

I just wish I could move into our place already so I could have complete and utter me time and enjoy a bubble bath in a tub and just indulge in me time, pure me time without anyone else in the house. 

I’m just waiting for everyone to go sleep so I can make myself some soup and change into my ridiculously comfy cat pjs and play sims 3 or watch a netflix marathon without question. Or maybe just write and snack. Must not forgets the snacks. 

*Runs off to get snacks*

*Ok back*

Because the husband did go out of town, I had the chance to join his family and drop him off at the airport. The way his dad drives into the city is different, taking backwater roads and avoiding highways, giving me a glimpse of the countryside in all it’s beautiful greenery. It was raining this morning, and it was beautiful, giving everything a refreshingly morning glory look of sad skies. 

The countryside is something that is not seen in the desert, and all the beauties of actually having weather like this is apparent everywhere to me when I see animals and even snails on the grass. The one thing that I could do without is the humidity. 

During and after my run, the humidity attacked me. I feel like I’m running in mud. It’s easier to run at night but that might not be an option soon, at least for awhile. 

The thing I do like is that since I’ve been here, more and more, I am able to run without stopping, and to someone who has fluctuating weight, more often on the heavier side than the lighter side, this is something I’m proud of. I hope I can keep up. The biggest issue with my exercise is that after awhile I would take a running break, and one day would turn into two, and two in three weeks and then I had to restart and whatever I was doing that was improving my fitness would go back towards zero. 

I hope I can break that trend here. I’m not sure how long I’ve been running, but I’m running enough where I can push myself more and run longer distances. 

I love running, I always have. I just love the way it made me feel, and when I have a really good run, I feel better and more ready to face the day and I just really don’t want to fall behind, and have to remind myself, that it’s difficult but worth it, because nothing’s ever that simple. 

I’m trying to keep an eye on the what am I eating because I know that’s where most lifestyle improvements come from. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen till I am able to move and have reign of the kitchen and over what I eat. 

I really can’t wait. I’m excited, even if it just Guelph. To you it’s Guelph, to me, it’s a new beginning, all over again. 

Because honestly, Guelph, how many of us have even the chance at new beginnings?


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