Sugar Rush

So, like nearly everyone else I know. I got talked into joining the craze in game apps and downloading sugar crush.

Why did I let myself be talk into it? My slightly obsessive tendencies towards stuff like this makes keeps playing games and such years after everyone else has stopped. It’s not even that engaging, it’s just a puzzle with different moves on different boards once you pass a level.

But Guess who’s an addict? I played tetris for a year straight on a flip phone.

Up until 6 months ago I was still playing Sims 2. That game has been out for nearly 10 years.  I’m just now getting into Sims 3, and surprise, Sims 4 has been announce for next year.

This is why I tend to avoid games and apps and anything trendy. I still have a tamagotchi app on my phone, long after all my friends stop raising theirs. And I’m still trying to unlock everything.

My mother hope for years that I would grow out of my silly games.

To that, I can only say, it’s time to get back to sugar crush.


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