I shouldn’t have name this blog Guelph if I was going to write about Mississauga.

But finally I have found a furniture place!

After the disappointments and markups of every store I check out, I found online a store with good reviews and good prices. Impossible, right? I didn’t find disappointment.
That was the place, and I felt like I wasn’t paying a ridiculous quality markup or hidden fees. Also I was able to track down many of their manufacturers and figure out where the furniture came from just by looking at their online catalog. A lot from local builders, nothing shady. The quality of it being the same as any of these big name chains and guess what I found? The same sets being sold there, for quite a bit less and getting more in return. At Leon’s, I found a bed set I like for 1699 but that was including only 1 nightstand and the dresser/mirror plus the head board/footboard. I don’t necessarily considered that a full bedroom set. If i wanted the chest drawer and the other night stand, I would have to pay extra, and not cheap either. At ARV Furniture, I was able to get 2 night stands, the chest, the dresser, the mirror, and the headboard/foot board for the same price at Leon’s without the other furniture. That was just one of the things I love, that and the variety. Funky colors? Not a problem. More modern looking, unique stuff that isn’t just traditional wood, ofcourse!

Basically I walked away happily and with the ability of saying that my place isn’t just going to have a bistro set as the only furnishings.

Not only did I find that place, I got to see a bit of Mississauga, and what a luxurious city it appears to be. A hidden gem, with it’s architectural buildings and other high end cars. What I love most was the diversity of the city. Everywhere I look, different venues, different eats, just a well put city. I would very much like to see that again, and perhaps take a walk downtown, perhaps find a dancing spot down there. The city looks alive and well, appealing to the eye. It’s already satisfied me once, I’m pretty sure I can find an adventure or two.

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