The Philly Pita

The Pita Pit. Yes, that chain which it seems no one ever hears or goes to, and is just there, occupying space while you go dine somewhere more exciting. I’ve seen plenty of Pita Pits in Vegas and just never went, even when it was right across the street from my campus. I always just prefer to go into Cafe Rio (A west coast knockout chain of chipotle.) But here, there are no Cafe Rios, so Pita Pit is it. 

I’ve been going to the Pita Pit since I was visiting up here last summer. 

Ever since then, I’ve been growing a taste for variety, and in a little town like Fergus, there’s not much to chose from when you just want to pick up something for lunch. Our choices tend to be limited to McDonald’s (not good for diets) Subway, Pizza Pizza, Little Caesar’s, Harvey’s, Dairy Queen and the Pita Pit. 

How about you make lunch? Instead of just complaining that there’s not much variety? No thank you, the place I am at the moment isn’t exactly conductive to cooking. When I do move in, expect my posts to be a combination of ranting how good food is and how I am making a disaster out of baking since I will be teaching myself that skill. 

But I do love the smoothies the Pita Pit makes, and the fact that beyond the souvlaki, there’s quite a few things I could mix it up with their menu. Like A Philly Cheesesteak Pita, because that’s exactly what I had. Not being certain how the hell does one make a Philly Pita, I just added nearly all the vegetables to the wheat pita with ancho chipotle sauce. I ended up with a medly of spicy steak and grilled veggies. Not bad at all, and definitely my weirdest combo to date. 

Apparently the Pita Pit is a Canadian chain which has made it’s way down to the US, so it’s not a thing from my hometown for me, it’s a thing that is home. Also it was aim at colleges and that explains why it was across UNLV and it’s late hours, even in Fergus, although we’re not a college town. Ordering a Philly Pita is not uncommon according to their wiki entry, but I just never noticed it before. What I love about their website is the Build-A-Pita feature, allowing me to play around and record exactly intake. A necessary tool for me since I need 5 more never wanting to come off my body pounds to actually fit and not fight to squeeze into my old clothes. 

Next time, I’ll get their Greek Salad, although I don’t know how authentic it is when you add pineapple. 


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