Disappointing Furniture and Old Navy saves the day! *And a few bad words*

That reminds me. I don’t hear as much cussing up here as I do in the US. It sounds like I’m the potty mouth with my uncensored mouth.

Well my potty mouth has a thing to say about lawn chairs, in all their colors and varieties. Lawn chairs that I am going to mix and match and make pretty because that’s exactly what’s going into my future living room. Lawn chairs, although I should upgrade and just get a bistro set. Because there is nothing that I’m seeing that is impressing me at all by the furniture stores up here. La-Z-Boy, Badboys, The Brick, Leon’s, Sleep Country, Sleep Rite, Sears, I’ve been to them all, including the ones in Kitchener. I briefly considered joining Costco to see what they had to offer. After researching, I’m just biding my time for sales now. Not one of them impress me more than another store and I realized that if I pay full price for anything, I’m getting ripped off. So sales it is, I don’t even care what bed set I end up with, since they all look the same, as long as it’s a good price. Please, Guelphies, if you have any recommendations for furniture stores near, leave a comment and I will probably go check it out. I’ve been to Hanover and back to check out places, so the odds are good, unlike the lotto max.

I’m holding out hopes for a living room set that is supposed to be a new model coming in this month. I’m


Now that I sound cheap, let me continue sounding cheap, maybe even cheaper.


I went to the Fair view Mall. I should really start taking photos, and most of the time it goes up to my instagram because facebook tends to be a dick-measuring contest for me, thanks petty people I can’t delete off my page because you’re connected to me and cannot be disconnected.


Anyhow, at the Fair View Mall, I was in desperate need of shorts. Easy, right? WRONG. I don’t shop in the boutiques because my fat ass does not fit in them and neither wants to spend a fortune on a pair of shorts. Like I said, I was going to be cheaper. I check out Sears, because in Vegas, it;s still a popular department store where they sell everything, and I usually get my stuff at JCPenny or Ross, or Sears. Not here, Sears is a rude awakening of old man rivers, and elderly people only shopping. I was so disappointed by their selection clearly targeted at the baby boomers. Well, probably because everyone else is selling to the young and hip in boutiques.

I was not having a good shopping trip until I was pleasantly by bubble tea (Freshly Squeeze store) being sold right across the Cinnabon and I had a bit of both. We left, with my mind wondering where the hell am I going to get shorts when I remember there’s an Old Navy in the Stone Road Mall. It was like the heavens open up because my goodness, what a store. So much more than the ones I went to in Vegas. The colors and the sizes and while some of it tends to be plain, I prefer that clothes to shorts with someone’s brand name across my ass and tits. You could say I love Old Navy, and I hardly shopped there in Vegas. Although I hope to lose more weight, or at least those 20lbs I put on last year (10lbs down, halfway there!!!) and maybe just work on myself here, and not just work on shopping.  


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