Menchie’s Munchies! The Guelph location, with a No Frills trip.

I love Menchie’s because I love frozen yogurt. Apparently, frozen yogurt is a new concept to Canada in the way of how Menchie’s pulls out all the stops for the self-serve way and varieties. I took my mother in law to one after grocery shopping at No Frills. She has never been to one and quickly fell in love with it, but not the prices. She asked me whether they had some in Las Vegas, and I said yes, because anything that west has frozen yogurt galore with their Pinkberrys, U-Swirls, and Yogurtlands, and ofcourse Menchie’s too.

The pack and crowds of people going in and out, the majority being of the younger crowds astonished me because I’m wondering how much yogurt is life, because it’s impossible to even find a place to sit. If I was the owner, I would have opened to a much bigger location. For best times, go during the day, and during the week. Forget about a weekend, because this place doesn’t take any reservations, and trust me when I say the lines are spilling over to the Quizno’s next door. OH and don’t forget to fork over a bit of cash, because the Menchie’s here will cost you, but it’s so worth it.

Now a note about No Frills. As soon as I step in, I am reminded of Food4Less, especially with all the yellow signs everywhere. Then I realized it’s their crazy sale. I love crazy sales. I am a bargain hunter as true as they come, without trying to be too overly the counter nuts. I love couponing and price matching, and thrift stores. So I was delighted at their sale. I got about $20 worth of snacks of which my body does not need. I will be going back to No Frills, when there isn’t a crazy sale so I can calmly go through the aisles.

I noticed that their variety was well, a little varied. I spotted La Costena (

and while I usually do not buy their hot peppers, the familiar sight made me happy.

I saw that they had quite more of the ethnic food, and while the chaos of the sale plus the fact that I was carpooling with my in-laws didn’t give me a moment to discover what the potential of the selections could bring to my kitchen.

Did I mention I like to cook and tend to be able to handle it quite nicely (well according to me)

I should really get back to my book club. Warning, shameless group-plug alert.

Although it’s an ebook club, so it’s not like I’m meeting anyone in person. Although I should be getting around to befriend a fellow Guelphite.

I can only hope for that and want more Menchie’s.


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